Reston Sprinkler Repairs and Zone Systems

we do full design service including zones systemsOne of the things that we do when we look at an existing sprinkler system or plan a new one is how your landscape is set up. Most yards are not a single, flat expanse of turf. This means that there are specific areas that need specific amounts of irrigation. Our Reston sprinkler repairs team identifies these areas as irrigation specific zones. A system could have as few as 1 or 2 zones or as many as 24. Most systems have 3 to 5.

The different watering needs of the plants within these zones necessitate different sprinkler heads, different spacing and different water pressure throughout the system. Each zone is laid out individually and attached to the main line with different regulators in place to adjust pressure along each individual one line. The beauty of the zone system is that the controller can be programmed to turn on different zones at different times. It's like having a unique sprinkler system for each zone of your landscape.

Let Reston Sprinkler Repairs Make Your System More Efficient

a Reston Sprinkler Repair tech repairs a bd pop up headA water audit is done on each zone after calibration is complete. This will help determine if there are pooling or runoff issues and if the vegetation is getting the optimal amount of water to keep it looking its best. Our Reston sprinkler repairs team won't leave until each zone is completely calibrated and ready to run.

Zoned systems are up to 75% more efficient than one-size-fits-all versions. They promote healthy root growth, limit the speed at which grass grows, can be adjusted individually over the course of the seasons and offer complete control over the entire irrigation system from one controller box. A zoned system will result in a better-looking lawn with healthier plants for less money.

Call in our Reston sprinkler repairs team to make your yard the gem it should be.

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